About us

Our Story
Tantra Bicycle Company is a Canadian brand (hell yeah!) which was born out of the passion for urban cycling. When a former bike mechanic and entrepreneur couldn't find a bike they liked, they sought out to create their own.

Design Bling & Tings
Our bikes are designed knowing full well they are destined for the streets.  
We took urban design cues and mashed them together with materials tough enough for gritty streets. What came out of the process are bikes that are light and speedy, but not needy. 

Much LOVE <3
Thanks for reading all this! All in all, we are your friendly online bike shop. We just love bikes! :)

Reach Out
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at hello@tantrabikes.com, on Facebook Messenger or call us at 1-647-948-9180. One of our super friendly customer service folks will take care of you. Talk soon!